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The Body Shop - review

Monday, 20 July 2015
I have shopped at The Body Shop ever since I was at primary school and young enough to start enjoying beauty products. Over the years I have bought and used a lot of their products, so today I am reviewing all The Body Shop products that I currently own and use. 

I feel I have quite a lot of products (for a student on a budget anyway) and I have been using all of them for months so I hope I can provide a useful review. 

So, I am going to start with The Body Shop Tea Tree range. I originally bought the whole range to attempt to clear up my acne around three years ago. I have literally owned every single product in this range (I can also do a separate in depth post on how I cleared up my acne). After about six to twelve months of using this Tea Tree range and wearing less make up my skin was looking a lot clearer. Now my skin looks so so much better and I only break out when hormonal. After having acne for most of my teenage years I can honestly say it was down to using The Body Shop Tea Tree range that cleared my skin. Whilst I don't have acne now I still use some of their products as a preventative and because I love tea tree.  

Tea Tree Face Mask 
This is probably my favourite face mask for when I'm breaking out or I feel like my skin just needs a deep cleanse. I try and use this mask weekly or alternate it with other masks. I feel it does actually minimise break outs but doesn't irritate or dry my skin out which can be hard to find in a face mask. 
Overall I would definitely recommend this product for anyone with blemished skin or acne prone skin, a big thumbs up from me!

Tea Tree Oil
This little bottle is a life saver for me! When I have hormonal breakouts I tend to get horrible spots on my chin. At night time I will put a dab of this tea tree oil on it and in the morning the problem area is significantly reduced. There are so many spot sticks and quick fixes on the market that don't work, instead of wasting your money try tea tree oil, it works wonders! 

Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream - shade 01 
I have a love hate relationship with this product. With no day cream or primer on underneath this BB Cream is perfect and matches my skin tone. However combined with a primer I find it turns orange?! It might just be me but this was quite a surprise when I tried it for the first time. That aside this BB Cream provides a surprisingly good coverage for what it is. It's also suitable for blemished skin so if you are trying to clear your skin up but want to keep wearing make up, this could be the perfect product for you. 

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion 
I have been using this product for such a long, I've lost count the amount of times I've repurchased it. I believe this may have been the key to clearing my skin up. It's very lightweight and reduces shine, so for blemished and oily skin this works wonders. I will be repurchasing this for years to come!

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser
I use this product as a primer and at first I didn't like it. After using it for a couple of months I however do think that it makes my pores less noticeable and does mattify my skin. Again this is for blemished skin and will work for pretty much any skin type. I have combination skin and I have noticed my T zone is less oily. Overall I do like it but I probably won't repurchase it. 

Next is the Seaweed range, for combination and oily skin. This is the range that best suits my skin type now and is my overall favourite 

Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask
This face mask works wonder for controlling excess oil on my face. However when using this mask I feel like my face is burning. I've heard that this is normal but does mean I only use it every two weeks. If it wasn't for the stinging feeling this would definitely be my favourite face mask. If you have sensitive skin I would not personally recommend this. 

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream 
I love this product so much! It's perfect for my combination skin as it moisturisers the dry areas of my face yet somehow manages to control the shine on my T zone as well. I would definitely recommend this product. 

Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15
This product is definitely coming on holiday with me. It provides protection from the sun with SPF 15, a must have in the summer! Like the day cream it moisturisers and mattifys at the same time, another product that is perfect for my combination skin! 

Next in my review is the Vitamin E range, suitable for all skin types.

Vitamin E Moisture Cream 
Apart from the smell I do really like this product. It's light weight and has just that right amount of moisturising. I put this on at night when my skin is particularly dry and overall it is a good moisturiser that can be relied on to do the job properly. 

Vitamin E Eye Cream
Since using this product I have noticed that the dark circles underneath my eyes have been reduced. However as I'm only 19 I don't really have any under eye problems such as fine lines and puffiness. With this in mind I probably won't repurchase this when it runs out unless I feel I need to.  

Last in the skin care ranges for this review is the Mango range. 

Mango Lip Butter
I absolutely love this lip butter. I am very prone to dry lips and this product works so well on keeping my lips moisturised. The scent is really nice as well, it's not too over the top with the mango scent. I really want to try out different flavours and will do when this one has ran out. 

Mango Beautifying Oil 
I have applied this oil to dry hair and unfortunately it just makes my hair look greasy. My hair does feel smooth with it in however. I am yet to try it on my body or face so will have to see how that goes. 

Mango Body Sorbet
This product produces a unique texture that moisturises the skin without leaving it feeling sticky. I love the mango scent as well. My skin always feeling silky smooth after using this product. I feel it's lighter than a standard moisturiser which is a huge attraction for me as I dislike moisturisers that feel really thick and heavy. 

Finally I'll be reviewing a couple of make up products that I own. 

Colour Crush Lipstick
This lipstick is a beautiful pinky, almost coral nude colour. The formula is quite smooth and almost shiny which looks lovely on the lips. It unfortunately doesn't stay on for long and I found it caked up around the corners of my mouth. However if you're happy to reapply it throughout the day this is a lovely subtle lipstick. 

Shimmer Cubes Palette 26
I love this palette so much. Each individual shadow has it's own packaging which is really handy when travelling. There are four shimmery pink colours that are perfect for summer. Overall I love this palette and it will be my summer go to product! 

I hope you enjoyed this rather long review, thanks for reading :) 

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