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What's in my make up bag - holiday edition

Tuesday, 21 July 2015
I'm off on holiday to America in just under two weeks and I thought I'd share what I'll be packing in my make up bag. 
Last year when I went to Canada I packed way too much make up, so this time I'm going to be taking only a few products. This will also mean I'll have plenty of room to buy new make up out there! 

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion 
With or without make up I'll be using this product every day. It has SPF 15 so provides protection from the sun and will hopefully stop me from going too shiny with it's mattifying formula! It's also in a travel sized tube so will not take up too much space in my make up bag. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 
I won't be taking a foundation or BB cream with me as it's going to be very hot and I don't want my face to melt off. However I'll be taking a concealer to hide dark circles and any blemishes, especially if I go out in the evening and want to look more put together. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara 
I'll be wearing mascara pretty much every day on holiday so I thought a waterproof one would be a good idea. That way if I do go swimming or get wet I won't have to worry about my mascara running! 

Rimmel Clear Brow Gel
On the days that I do wear make up I'll want my eyebrows to stay in place, so a clear eyebrow gel is a must have! I have quite dark eyebrows compared to my hair, so a clear gel is better than a tinted one as they won't look too dark. 

E.L.F Eyeliner and Shadow stick 
This liner has both a standard brown eyeliner at one end and a gold shadow stick at the other. This is perfect for holiday as it's a two in one and I won't need to take an eyeshadow palette with me. The brown eyeliner also gives a subtle and natural look that won't stand out too much with minimal make up on.

Maybelline Brow Satin 
Again this is a very handy two in one product, with a brow pencil and filling in powder. I can fill my brows in very quickly and naturally with this product, which is ideal when on holiday.  

B. Set Pressed Powder
This is my favourite powder and I'll be using it to set my concealer. It lasts all day and is light enough for my skin tone. It's also cruelty free so a big bonus!

Maybelline Color 24hr Tattoo - Pink Gold
I'm taking this with me as it's a beautiful light pink colour which is perfect for summer. It's also a gel formula so I'm hoping that it will stay on better  throughout the day than a standard eyeshadow. 

Maybelline Dream Sun - Golden Tropics
I bought this product as it's a two in one bronzer and blush. The bronzer isn't too orange  or dark for my skin tone and the blush is a beautiful natural light pink colour. This is such a handy product when travelling! 

Thank you for reading :) 

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