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Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme Review

Monday, 31 August 2015

I'm not entirely sure when these came out but I do know that they're new and are now virtually sold out online. I was lucky to get two of the matte lip cremes, in a dark red and nude. I'm not entirely sure how much they were as I ordered from their EU site. I think they're roughly about £4 each, maybe less. 

The nude colour is called 02 Adore and the red is called 07 Romance. Obviously the nude is a lot more wearable and doesn't go everywhere like the red! 

My first impression is that I really like these! For a matte lip creme they don't dry the lips out too much or go flakey. They also went on very smoothly although I would definitely recommend using a lip liner as well. They're long lasting and do not come off when eating or drinking, which is quite a rare quality. 
This is great however, until you want to remove it. They are very difficult to get off and the red went all over my face which is not ideal. Other than that I love these and would definitely recommend if you love matte lip products! 

I would definitely buy more of these, maybe not in a bright colour but a dark nude would be ideal.

Thanks for reading :) 

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