Stationary Haul - Back to Uni

Wednesday, 26 August 2015
So this is different to my usual beauty posts but I thought I would share with you my stationary haul! I go back to University in a few weeks and I love stationary shopping so I couldn't resist getting these. Everything is from WHSmith and I used the 20% off cards that they're giving out at the moment. I will be going into my second year at uni which is super scary as things are starting to get serious, so I will need to be extra organised. 


I'm doing four modules this term at uni so of course that means four notebooks! I write a lot of notes so I thought having one each will be easier to organise and I will know where all my notes are. I got these from WHSmith, I think they were two for £5.99 and I got an extra 20% off as well. I got a different colour for each module so it'll be easy to distinguish between them all, plus they look really bright and cheerful as well! 


I got this planner to use until the new year as I will have a different diary from the National Art Gallery in Washington to use in 2016 (I'm studying Art History so it makes sense). Anyway, I'll be using this to organise my blog posts and my uni work, and then in the new year it will be for blog posts only. It was £8.99 from WHSmith and again I got an extra 20% off. I love the pretty pattern and inside it is very simple and straightforward. I would definitely recommend this whether you're going back to school or uni!

Pencil Case

This is a tiny pencil case compared to most but it's perfect for what I need as I only take pens to uni. I usually just chuck them in my bag but I didn't want them leaking all inside my new Guess bag! This was only £5.99 and it's very cute yet still practical. It's great if you only need to take pens with you, but if you're at school I would probably recommend something bigger! I know when I was at school I had a massive pencil case full of everything I needed.

Thanks for reading :) 

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