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Product Empties - Would I Repurchase?

Friday, 18 September 2015
I've seen a lot of empties videos and I enjoy watching them so I thought I would show you all the products I've used up recently! 

Nivea Men Cool Kick Shaving Gel 

This was technically my partners but I've been using it instead of my own. I really liked this and it was no different (apart from the packaging) to a female shaving gel. I am sure my partner would repurchase it, I personally would go for one aimed at females instead but it basically does the same job! 

Radox Feel Glam Shower Cream 

I tend to buy shower gels that are on offer at Tesco and I had never seen this before so I thought I'd give it a go. I would repurchase it again if it was on special, although it did remind me of shampoo as it was more cream like than a gel. 

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo

Again I only got this to try out in Tesco because it was on special. I actually didn't use it up completely because it dried my hair out so much. As soon as I used it I just wanted to wash it out, so I would not repurchase this. I mentioned this in a previous post and I wanted to give it a proper go but unfortunately it just wasn't for me! 

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

I absolutely love this! I have already repurchased it and I am excited to start using it again. My skin has been very confusing recently and I feel this balances it out nicely. I'm not sure whether my skin is dry or combination but regardless I still like a matte look so this product is perfect for every day use.

Collection Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit

I got this to try out as my elf eyebrow kit ran out. As you can see I persevered with the lightest colour but it just didn't match or look right, and there's no point continuing to use a product that doesn't work. Therefore I wouldn't repurchase this product. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Powder

I got this in the shade 01 Fair hoping that it would be light enough for me. I found that whilst it was light it made my face look very pink so I had to use it with enough powder to work. I also found that it applied quite patchy which was a disappointment because I love Collection! I carried on using it until I dropped it and it smashed, so I gave up using it and carried on with the other powder. I wouldn't repurchase this product!

ELF Maximum Coverage Concealer 

This is one of my favourite concealers but I can not find it anywhere to repurchase! I hope that elf decide to start selling in the UK again so I can buy loads of them so I never run out. I would definitely repurchase it if I can find it again.

Superdrug Hydrating Lip Balm 

I love this product and found that it genuinely kept my lips moisturised unlike some other lip products. I would repurchase this once my other lip balms run out. I also love that it's cruelty free and very affordable!

New Cid Cosmetics High Intense Mascara 

I actually do not remember where I got this from but I thought I would include it anyway. I found this mascara would make my lashes look quite clumpy and they would all stick together. It also dried out quicker than my other mascaras have and the brush was too big and bulky for my liking. I wouldn't repurchase this!

Collection Lengthening Mascara

Last but definitely not least is this Collection Mascara. I love this product and would repurchase it once I use up my other mascaras. I found that it didn't make my lashes look clumpy yet would still make them look very long. The brush size is ideal as it's quite thin and not too wide so it's perfect for getting individual lashes and the bottom lashes. It also didn't dry out really quickly so you get the full use of this product.

Thank you for reading! :)

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