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Rimmel London Nude Collection Lipstick - review

Friday, 11 September 2015
I've been loving nude lipsticks recently so I thought I would try out a couple from the new Rimmel nude collection. 


I only got two to try out as I felt the others just wouldn't suit me.

First of all is number 45. It's more of a cool toned nude and is almost mauve compared to a standard classic nude. The formula is no different to the other Rimmel Kate lipsticks. It's matte and applies very smoothly. The lasting power is pretty good and although it's matte it didn't dry my lips out. What really drew me to this lipstick is the cute packaging, it's so pretty! 
At just over £5 this is a good product for the price, and you get what you pay for. I'm not sure this shade suits me though as it kind of washes me out. 


I also got number 48, which I absolutely love! This is a dark brown colour so it's perfect for fall. It's also a great alternative to a dark red lipstick as it's more subtle and less bright. I will be wearing this colour a lot when uni starts again! I would also definitely recommend lining your lips first when using this lipstick. 

Thanks for reading :)

1 comment on "Rimmel London Nude Collection Lipstick - review"
  1. Such a good range of lipsticks! My personal favourite is 48 but I think that I would buy at 45 also! :D