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Autumn Inspired Room Decor

Monday, 12 October 2015

I personally love home decor and interior design so I thought I would share with you how I bring autumn into my bedroom! Fall is definitely my favourite time of year and I love all the autumnal colours. 

Leaves in a jar

If you follow me on Instagram (@charwbeauty) you probably have seen that I love adding leaves to my pictures to make them look very fall appropriate. I got these leaves from Ebay for about £3 (they're fake) and put them in a clear jar to store them. I keep this on make up vanity as it gives it a splash of colour and brightens it up!

Autumn flowers 

I got these flowers from a local florist and Home Sense. I wanted very warm and autumnal colours as I usually have pink flowers in my room. These are fake flowers and obviously you can get real ones but these can stay up all season without having to replace them. They're a lot cheaper than buying real flowers every week!


Everyone raves on about candles around this time of year so I'll keep this bit short! I got these in the sale, I believe it was 3 for £3, and I will light them at some point. I'm not that big on candles as I'm paranoid that I'll burn the house down but they do make your room look very cost and autumnal! 

Fairy Lights 

I got these copper star fairy lights from Primark for £6. They're battery powered so there's no annoying wires trailing from a plug. Fairy lights instantly make any room feel cosy when it's dark, and these were such a bargain I could't resist! 

Autumn details 

I got this copper coloured jar from Home Sense in a set of three. The leaf design and warm colour makes it very appropriate for fall. I think they're candles holders so when I do light my candles I'll put them in there. I think they were £6 which was quite a bargain! Home Sense do some great autumnal decorations if you're interested. 


Having blankets  and throws on your bed is a great way to make your room feel cosy and I often find myself wrapped up in this blanket. Although it's more of a winter pattern it still works for autumn I think. This blanket was from Primark and I did get this a while ago now but I'm sure there will similar designs available this year.

Thanks for reading :)

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