October Favourites

Monday, 2 November 2015

Where has this year gone?! I can't believe it's November already. I know everyone is saying that but the month of October went by so quickly!
Anyway, I've never actually done a monthly favourites post before, but I thought I might as well start now. I haven't got too many products to talk about, and the ones I do mention are genuine favourites that I've been loving this month! 


On the left is the MUA single eyeshadow in Chamoisee, then the Maybelline Color 24hr Tattoo in On and On Bronze and the Make Up Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals palette on the right. 
These have been my go to eyeshadow products recently, and to be honest I haven't been using much else! 
Nearly every day I've been using one of the matte warm tones in my crease, and then the colour tattoo as a base, followed by the MUA eyeshadow on top. It's a very fall inspired look but still looks natural and is quick to do. Using the colour tattoo as a base makes any eyeshadow really stand out and it also lasts all day. 
These products all together come under £20, which also makes them my favourite. I would definitely recommend any of these items.

Lip Products

NYX are one of my favourite brands and these two matte lip creams have been my favourite products to use in October. London (right) has been my favourite as an every day lip colour. It's a beautiful classic nude that stays on the lips all day, even after eating. Transylvania has been perfect to wear during the evening and on Halloween! It's a very dark berry colour that is perfect for fall.


I've been wearing this Cover Girl foundation nearly every day. It leaves my skin looking matte and almost flawless! It has a medium coverage that is very build-able and hardly needs touching up through out the day. The only issue is that I can't get this in the UK but it doesn't stop it being my favourite foundation!


It may look like I've hardly used this perfume but I've been wearing it on the weekends through out October, and I absolutely love it! I'm rubbish at describing scents so I would recommend you try it out when you next go shopping. The bottle is so classy and feminine, and it's definitely worth the price. 

Thank you for reading :) 

3 comments on "October Favourites "
  1. I want that Makeup Revolution palette so badly! I adore the Chanel perfume too, but it's so expensive! I love your blog, it's so pretty!♡

    Robyn x


    1. It's such a nice palette! I was lucky that I got the Chanel perfume from duty free, although it still felt really expensive! and thank you so much lovely! ❤

  2. Whoa I love that MR palette, gosh those colors look stunning. We just got MR in the US so it's still hard to find, but I'd love to give that palette a try.