Favourite Christmas Nail Polishes

Wednesday, 16 December 2015
Christmas is just around the corner so now is the perfect time to share with you my favourite nail polishes for the winter and Christmas! 

Barry M Speedy - Dead Heat 
This shade is a beautiful bright red which is perfect for Christmas. It also dries super quick so you don't have to spend ages painting your nails! 

Maybelline Color Show - Brick Shimmer
I absolutely adore this colour. It's a combination of gold and copper, which would be lovely for a Christmas party. It wouldn't be Christmas without gold sparkles! 

The Body Shop - Crimson Kiss
This shade is a burgundy/dark red nail polish, so if you're not too keen on a bright red, this would be perfect for you! 

Barry M Silk - Forest 
This dark green colour is the perfect sparkly Christmas green shade, and it would go so well with a red nail polish if you wanted to go all out on the Christmas theme!

Barry M - Persian 
Purple isn't a traditional Christmas colour but this nail polish has the perfect combination of shimmery gold and purple. 

Fearne - Ruby Cotton
I'm not entirely sure whether this collection still exists, but this shade has to be my favourite nail polish for Christmas! It is a beautiful deep red with gold and red shimmer, so pretty!

Thank you for reading :) 

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  1. All of these are so pretty! I currently have a burgundy nail polish that looks a lot like the Body Shop one :) I also have a few nail polish options for the holidays if you're interested :)

    x http://shopaholicoverhere.blogspot.com/