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Make Up Organisation and Storage

Friday, 22 January 2016
As requested, today's post is all about how I organise my make up and beauty products, and what storage I use.

I keep all of my lipliners in this mini plant pot from IKEA. I think it was around £2-3 which is very cheap, and although pretty much everyone has these, I still think they look really pretty and feminine! 

I got this acrylic storage from Homesense, and I just keep my most used single eyeshadows, eyeliners and face products in here. 

Please excuse my dirty brushes, they will get cleaned eventually! Again these are both from IKEA. 

I store all of my MAC Lipsticks in this lipstick holder from ebay, and I think it was around £3. 

I keep most of my high end products in these draws from ebay, as I like to keep brands and similar products in the same place. 

I have three draws in my desk where I keep most of my make up. The other two aren't very interesting so I thought I'd just show my bottom draw. The storage is from IKEA and fits in my draw perfectly. I keep my lipsticks, drugstore blushers, foundations and concealers in this draw. 

I like to keep my beauty products in baskets so they're all together and not all over the place. I have rather a lot as you'll see below...
I keep my favourite palettes displayed in this nail polish holder from ebay. I find that it displays them perfectly as I didn't like having them all hidden away. 

I keep all my nail polishes in this basket from Tesco, and they all fit perfectly in there! 

I keep all my drugstore palettes and other make up that I don't use as much in these draws from NEXT. 

I keep the rest of my lip products in this Ted Baker chest. And yes there is one missing which is really annoying but oh well. 

I keep the rest of my beauty products in baskets in my wardrobe. I keep my everyday products at the front so I can get to them easily. 
The basket above is from Primark and the pink ones are from my local convenience shop.

Let me know if you'd like to see an updated make up collection or bedroom tour post/video!

2 comments on "Make Up Organisation and Storage "
  1. I feel like I need to channel your organisational skills cause my room looks like a tip right now! I love those little Ikea pots for storage. I have the pink version of them but I keep lil cactus in them instead!


  2. I adore these Ikea pots, who cares everyone has them?! They are so cute, I'm thinking about using them at my wedding on the top table with flowers in! Cheap & cheerful. I had a massive makeup sort out yesterday & can't believe the crap I owned. Great Post.
    H x