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Kiko Single Eye Shadows

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Infinity single eye shadows 

Left to right: 404, 225 and 244

Standard single eye shadows 

Left to right: 138, 102 and 137 

I am personally a massive single eye shadow fan, especially when the quality is good yet inexpensive! 

I remember a while back someone commented on one of my pictures saying that the KIKO infinity single eye shadows (that can be put into a custom made palette) were better than the standard ones. 

I originally bought the standard ones in the shade 138, 102 and 137 back in November and absolutely loved them. I went back to the KIKO shop in Romford last week and saw that the Infinity single eye shadows were half price... so of course I bought some! I was intrigued to see whether these were more pigmented and blend-able than the standard ones.

Personally I feel that there's nothing in it. The Infinity packaging is a lot less bulky and easier to store, but apart from that the pigmentation and blend-ability is pretty much the same. I also love how KIKO have such a wide range of shades available . There is very little fall out with their eye shadows and they apply beautifully. I would definitely recommend, especially if you're obsessed with eye shadow like me! 

1 comment on "Kiko Single Eye Shadows "
  1. Amazing post, thanks for sharing! Absolutely loved the shade, especially the shimmery pink and the red\orange one!

    Life in Pastel