Make Up Haul

Monday, 21 March 2016
It is unfortunately time for another spending ban... 
I surprisingly did quite well with my last ban in January so I'm hoping I'll resist the urge to buy all the pretty spring make up that's coming out......... .... ... .. . . 

Yeah anyway, this post is my last haul that I'll be doing in a while, so I thought I'd share with you my recent cruelty free make up purchases!

First of all I picked up this beautiful highlighter in the shade Iridescent Gold from MUA. My friend has this at it looks amazing on her, so for £3 I couldn't resist! I also picked up this mosaic blush from MUA in the shade English Rose. I don't own anything like this and so far I love it! 

Next I ordered some NYX bits from Boots online. I got three of the new Lingerie liquid lipsticks (swatches coming soon) and three of the single eye shadows. With the eye shadows I went for shades that I don't usually get, so no oranges and pinks this time! 

I also got some bits from BarryM as they were on special offer. I will be honest and say that I'm not keen on their eye shadows as I found them quite chalky, but I do like their contour palette so it will be interesting to see what the palette and blush are like! I also got a new mascara as I've nearly used up all my non-cruelty free ones. 

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  1. This mosaic blush is so cute. You've got some nice products.