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Spring Touches

Friday, 25 March 2016

It's that time of year again to start de-cluttering and whip out all of your favourite girly pastel pink products and items. Whilst it's 'officially' spring in England, the weather is still miserable and I'm currently writing this wrapped in my blanket because it's rather chilly. 
It might still feel like winter outside, but inside a few simple touches can brighten your mood and make it actually feel like spring! 

I always like to have fresh flowers in my room and I've been loving daffodils recently as they're such a springy flower. The splash of yellow really brightens up any space and they're also cheaper than your average bunch of flowers! Of course fake flowers are a great alternative if you don't want to always buy real flowers. 

I have also added pink accessories to my room now that it's spring. My pink cushions have come out and I've replaced any dark accessories with lighter ones. 

Whilst I love all of my red, burgundy, orange and brown shades, I've put them away and brought out my pastel pinks and nude make up products. 

The Lush Easter products just scream 'spring' to me, and personally they're too pretty to hide away in a draw, so I display them in a pretty dish! 

1 comment on "Spring Touches "
  1. Spring for me is all about flowers, specifically tulips, they are just so beautiful. I also can't get enough of prints, I have the same blogger print and absolutely love it ;)
    xxx Claire