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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

So for today's post I thought I would do something slightly different and share my blogging tips. 

1. Figure out a theme/style and stick to it. 
Now I should really take my own advice because it's taken me some time to figure out my blogs 'theme'.
 I personally feel that first impressions are everything. When I click onto someone's blog or instagram, the type of theme and style is what's going to keep me on that page. 
I'm a very visual person and I feel that how someone's page is presented will say quite a lot about them and the type of content they post. Certain themes and styles will attract specific audiences, so that's something else to bare in mind. I have certain blogs that I read every time they post because I love how their page looks, regardless of the actual post. 

2. Photography is key. 
If you're a blogger, you'll probably realise by now that photography is a massive part of blogging. A lot of people say that you don't need to invest in expensive equipment to become successful.
 I however disagree. I first started taking pictures for my blog using my tablet, I then moved onto my old Canon 1000D, and now I have my Canon 700D. I noticed that as the quality of my pictures improved, so did the number of views on my blog and followers on Instagram. This could be a coincidence, but there is so much competition out there these days in the blogging world that producing quality pictures and posts has become vital.

3. Social media is your friend. 
I 100% recommend setting up social media accounts purely for your blog. This way you can connect with other bloggers and brands will potentially notice you. Both my instagram and twitter accounts (@charwbeauty) are purely blog and beauty related. My facebook is however private and personal so I don't share my blog posts and pictures on there. Use other sites such as Bloglovin' to share and promote your blog . Whenever I publish a new post, I will upload a picture on Instagram and tweet the link to promote it. I find that the majority of my blog traffic comes from Instagram and Twitter, so it's definitely worth persevering with. 

4. Copying is a no no. 
My next tip is so important. Get inspiration from your favourite blogger but please do not copy them to the point where it just looks ridiculous. I understand that creating something unique and original is hard these days, but it is still possible. If your instagram page is a copy of someone else's, people will potentially start to notice. I'm all for crisp white flat lays, rose petals and marble, but purposely copying someone won't get you anywhere ultimately. For example, if you ask someone on Instagram what their filter is etc, or read someone's post about editing pictures, I really recommend not then making all your pictures look the same.

5. Make time. 
If you are serious about your blog and making it 'successful', you will have to devote quite a lot of time to it. I post three times a week but I tend to write my posts and edit all of my pictures in advance, so if something comes up, I'll always have a post to publish. Also posting regularly is important. These days people expect posts every week, so plan in advance and stick to a posting schedule. 

I'm sure not everyone will agree with my blogging tips but I hope some of you might find it helpful! I'm in no way an expert or a 'big' blogger with years of experience, and I definitely do not claim to be one. I love these type of posts so I thought I'd give it a go and share my advice! 

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  1. These are great points! I agree there are blogs I read every time simply because their blog is inviting appearance wise. Doesn't necessarily matter what the post is about aha.

    -Sophie xx ||