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One Heck of a Blot

Monday, 18 April 2016

One Heck of a Blot - Primer 

First in today's post is the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot primer. It claims to shrink pores, have a matte finish and leave you shine free for 12 hours. At £10 it's at the higher end of the drugstore prices, but it's of course still affordable. The product itself has a thin creamy consistency and leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth. It noticeably blurred my annoying pores and left my skin looking matte and shine free. It also eventually worked so well with the One Heck of a Blot Foundation. Keep reading to find out more... 

One Heck of a Blot Foundation (with help from Hocus Focus)

So, to begin with this foundation retails at £12, and is available in 4 shades. I chose the lightest (Fair Enough) and luckily it matches my skin perfectly! I'm quite pale but I have yellow undertones and I found that this shade worked perfectly as it wasn't too pink. So far so good....

I applied my normal moisturiser after washing my face etc, and then applied the One Heck of a Blot primer (which I loved). I then applied a pump on both cheeks and on my forehead. I then began to blend it out using a damp Real Techniques sponge. I first noticed that it dries SO quick, so my first mistake was applying it all over rather than in small sections. My next mistake was trying to blend in the areas that had dried. Adding another layer made it go cakey and patchy, and trying to blend essentially powder was just a disaster. I also found that it caked up around my eyes, nose and mouth. So I basically looked like a patchy, dry cake face. Not good. 

I then tried to add concealer under my eyes and on my chin like I normally would do. 
But no. This foundation did not like that. Trying to blend the concealer in with a damp sponge resulted in taking off all the product on my skin so I was left with bare patches around my eyes and on my chin. 
I decided to give up and take it all off. 

 a couple of hours later I gave it another go. 

I moisturised my face, added the primer and most importantly, mixed the foundation with the Soap and Glory illuminator, Hocus Focus. I also applied it and blended it in with my fingers, which I haven't done since I was 14. I was then able to make my face look very smooth and natural. HALLELUJAH. 

I found that it still clung to some dry patches but was no where near as bad as before, and it also took my concealer like normal. I then added a light setting powder and continued with the rest of my make up. My skin now looks incredibly flawless and my pores are non existent.

If you have had the same problems as me, definitely perverse with this foundation because if you get the application right, the end result is amazing!

6 comments on "One Heck of a Blot"
  1. This is interesting, I always forget how products can be great with the right applicator. Can I be honest? I hate sponges. I know everyone loves blenders right now, but the issue you're describing (wiping product away) happens to me regardless of my base whenever I use a sponge. Damp or dry! I generally like S&G but I'm yet to try this product, I think I'd swerve because it sounds like quite a hassle haha!


    1. It's such a shame because this foundation could be great if Soap and Glory made it easier to apply! I always use a damp sponge but I'm thinking now that I should try something else. What works best for you?

  2. I always end up mixing my foundations with illuminators and moisturisers now a days as it makes your base so much smoother and really glowy! Xx

    1. That's a good idea, I'll try mixing a moisturiser with this foundation and see how it works! xx

  3. What a great first impression! hahah I'm glad the foundation ended up working out. Great review Charlotte! Good to know how to best apply this foundation to get the right look.

    -Sophie xx

    1. Thank you! Probably not the best foundation to use when in a hurry but it did work eventually! xx