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Product Empties | April 2016

Monday, 25 April 2016

I have a bunch of non cruelty free and cruelty free products that I've used up recently. So for today's post I thought I would go through them and see whether I'd repurchase them or not! I'll state whether a product is cruelty free or not, and obviously if something's not cruelty free then I won't be repurchasing it. 


The Clinique moisturiser and the Benefit Pore wipes aren't cruelty free, so I won't be purchasing from them again. The two Body Shop products I probably won't repurchase because of the whole parent company thing, although I do love their Seaweed range.

The Superdrug facial wipes are my all time favourite and I've already repurchased them! I also loved the Oil Balancing Gel Facial Wash from Superdrug, and I would definitely use it again. I found it balanced my skin perfectly, so it wasn't too dry or too oily!
I probably wouldn't repurchase the Soap and Glory Cleansing Milk purely because I didn't like the smell. The product itself made my skin feel amazing though, so it's a possibility. 

Face Make Up 

I'm not sure whether LA Girl are cruelty free or not, if they are then I would 100% repurchase their concealer because it has to be one of the best on the market. 
I won't be repurchasing any of the other roducts as they're not cruelty free, which is a shame because I really loved the L'Oreal foundation. 

Hair Products

Toni & Guy and Herbal Essences aren't cruelty free so I won't be repurchasing those products. 
However, Superdrug's own brand is cruelty free, but I found these dry shampoos just didn't work for me. The dry shampoo on the left made my hair feel like straw and incredibly dry, and the one on the right made my hair feel and look greasy. Definitely a no!

Bath Products

 I won't be repurchasing the Radox and Imperial Leather bubble baths as they're not cruelty free blah blah blah.
 The Body Shop Frosted Plum shower gel was limited addition so I wouldn't be able to anyway. 
The Superdrug Mint and Tea Tree shower gel is another no. It just wasn't for me and the smell was way too strong!  
On a more positive note, I will be repurchasing the Soap and Glory Clean On Me shower gel. It smells amazing and is just so lovely and luxurious! 
The Leafy and Lovely bath salts were a gift and I'm not sure where I could get them from. If I can find them then I would definitely purchase them!


Unfortunately I wouldn't repurchase either of these products. 
I did like the grapefruit body spray but not enough to get it again. Also the Carex hand gel isn't cruelty free, so that's a no as well!

4 comments on "Product Empties | April 2016"
  1. Love this post Charlotte! Great photos too! I really like that you've decided to keep a cruelty free blog, it's a great idea. I absolutely love the Herbal Essence shampoos and conditioners, I didn't know that they weren't cruelty free though so that's good I know now.

    Lovely new header btw!

    -Sophie xx ||

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately a lot of highstreet brands aren't cruelty free, hopefully one day that will change. xx

  2. I have the LA Girl Pro Concealer too and I love it! I will definitely repurchase when I run out! I love your blog and the fact that all products featured here are cruelty free, it's nice to know which companies are and which are not.


    1. I really really hope LA Girl are cruelty free, I'll have to do some more research on them! And thank you :) xx