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5 Ways to De-Stress

Monday, 13 June 2016

For today's post I thought I would share my top 5 tips for de-stressing! Now I have a very bad habit of getting myself ridiculously stressed out and worked up over the tiniest of things. Stress has been known to trigger migraines and my IBS, increase my anxiety and god knows what else. Recently I have been doing a lot of soul searching and have finally figured out ways to be more at peace with myself and to de-stress efficiently. These tips have all been tried and tested, and for me personally they really do work!

1) Switch off

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love social media but at times I feel I just need a break from it. It can also add to my stress levels when in reality, that could easily be avoided. I do the majority of my uni work on my computer so of course it's difficult for me to switch off completely. However instead of checking instagram and facebook when I'm in bed, I'll read a book or magazine instead. Sometimes a social media detox is just what is needed!

2) Meditate/Breathe

I recently ordered Emma Mildon's 'The Soul Searcher's Handbook' and my goodness it has changed my life! I meditate before I go to bed every night now and if I feel particularly stressed, I'll spend 10 minutes just sitting down with my eyes closed, focusing on my breathing. Meditation has so many health benefits and practicing mindfulness can really change your outlook on life.

3) Get shit done!

Hands up if you're a serial procrastinator? Yup same. I tend to have so much work to do that I sit there scrolling through Instagram instead. Not exactly productive. I now have a weekly desk planner where I write down what I want to achieve each day and any deadlines. I also plan my blog posts and create to do lists, so I can see everything that I need to do. It is so rewarding ticking everything off my lists!

4) Go for a walk

It probably sounds cliche but simply going for a walk can really clear your mind and reduce your stress levels. I'm lucky that I live near fields, but even if you live in a city, going for a stroll around your local park will be equally as beneficial! I'm personally not big on exercising, but I do go on a lot of walks. Find what works best for you!

5) The power of positivity

Ah yes, the ultimate cliche, 'think positive and it'll all be fine'. Whilst it won't fix all of your problems, it may help you solve them in the best way possible and reduce your stress levels in the process. Also thinking positive thoughts about yourself and looking after yourself can help you deal with stress. Personally, my positive motivation is to think back to how I felt when I was suffering from depression. I am determined to never get into such a dark place ever again. At the end of the day, stressing or worrying about something is never going to solve or prevent it. 

2 comments on "5 Ways to De-Stress"
  1. This is such a real post about your favourite things to destress - too often these posts are full of cliches. I also have IBS which I think was the start of depression and nothing has helped more than these 'small' changes, having a diary and meditation.
    Hope you continue to feel chilled out - really glad to discover your blog!
    Becca x

    1. Thank you! My IBS definitely triggered my anxiety and depression, it was taking over and ruining my life. Thankfully it's under control now. Drop me a message if you ever want to chat! xx