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How to Get a Better Nights Sleep!

Monday, 20 June 2016

As a former insomniac, I know how utterly horrible it is to have countless sleepless nights. If you do feel you're suffering from insomnia, then I would really recommend going to your doctor.

 Putting that aside, today's post is all about my tips on getting a better nights sleep generally. It is so important to get enough sleep every night; for both your mental and physical health.

1) Sleep in a dark room
For me this is so important, especially with the lighter mornings this time of year. I can't sleep at all without my night mask. Any hint of light is a no no for me! Mine is from Eco Tools, but there are so many out there or have a look online. If you don't like sleeping with a mask on, then invest in some black out curtains and hide any electronic items that contribute to the light in your room.

2)Write any worries down
I used to find that I'd lay awake at night going over all of my worries for the next day. My therapist told me to write down all of these thoughts and tackle them in the morning.

Another way to reduce stress and to clear the mind is to meditate. I like to meditate for 10-15 minutes before I go to bed everyday. I find this really improves the quality of my sleep.

I also like to do a couple of evening yoga sequences before I go to bed as well as meditate. This again helps to reduce stress and aid digestion, therefore making you sleep better.

5) Turn off and read
I used to have a bad habit of texting and using my phone just before I went to sleep. I would find that the light from the screen would make me feel really awake, rather than feeling sleepy. If you don't feel ready to go to sleep, instead of playing on your phone, read a book or magazine to help wind down.

6) Have a warm bath or shower
Having a warm bath before bed really helps to make me feel relaxed. Adding lavender oil or bubble bath also adds to the whole relaxation vibes!

7) Lavender
Another tip of mine is to invest in a lavender sleep mist. I got this one from Holland and Barrett and I like to spray it around my pillow. This creates a really calming and soothing atmosphere.

8) Limit caffeine and eating too late
I'm actually quite sensitive to caffeine and always have caffeine-free green tea or peppermint tea. I also try and not eat after 8 so that my body isn't trying to digest everything when I'm asleep! Try switching over to de-caff coffee or herbal teas if you feel it's caffeine keeping you awake at night.

I think I've covered pretty much all of my tips for a better nights sleep! If you're a light sleeper then maybe invest in some ear plugs to cut out any noises. I'm quite a heavy sleeper so noise doesn't bother me. My hamster doesn't keep me up so that's saying something!
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