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May Empties

Friday, 10 June 2016

For months I have been hoarding beauty products in my cupboard and never actually using them. They've just sat there looking pretty. 

I have now pretty much used up all of my non cruelty free products which I'm super happy about! Below I have divided my empties into cruelty free but not repurchasing, cruelty free and repurchasing and non cruelty free and obvs not repurchasing! 

Cruelty Free But Not Repurchasing 

My main reason for not repurchasing these products is simply because I want to switch to products that are more natural, vegan and do not contain nasty ingredients. Plus I'm kind of over the whole Zoella beauty thing (sorry). Soap and Glory are a wonderful brand but again they're not approved by Logical Harmony and I'm unsure whether these products are vegan. 

Cruelty Free and Would Repurchase 

All of the above products (unsure about the NYX brow pencil) are cruelty free and vegan! I loved all of these products and would potentially repurchase them in the future if I felt the need to. That being said the Simply Pure toner and Facial Wipes have already been repurchased!

Not Cruelty Free 

Most of these products were sent to me before I went cruelty free, but even if I had purchased them myself, I definitely would not buy them again. 

2 comments on "May Empties "
  1. I didn't think the Zoella beauty was cruelty free! The Superdrug Simply Pure range is beautiful and really affordable. I love the cleansers and toners too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. They have claimed that they're cruelty free but it hasn't been confirmed by Logical Harmony, so I'm not 100% sure! Probably should have put it in the non cruelty free section. I won't be repurchasing any of her products regardless :) xx