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A Nude For Every Occasion

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Birthday Suit - Saturated Colour  
A warm toned neutral nude glossy lip vinyl 

Tranquility - MUA 
Slightly darker 'your lips but better' nude in a matte finish

Adore - Milani  
The perfect matte nude

Bedtime Flirt -  NYX 
Another matte shade perfect for everyday use

Teddy - NYX 
A very dark, matte brown nude

Celebrity Skin - Jeffree Star 
A cooler toned, mauve matte nude

Cannes - NYX 
A very warm nude, perfect if you're uncomfortable wearing a red lip

London - NYX 
A light, almost beige nude

Praline - NYX
A beautiful, browny nude gloss

Bare Enough - Soap and Glory 
The perfect nude gloss 

Which one's your favourite? 

12 comments on "A Nude For Every Occasion "
  1. Gorgeous post! Very enjoyable read - @basicjaz from Instagram 💓

  2. I love tranquility and Teddy!!

    With love,

  3. The Milani Adore shade looks gorgeous! I found the NYX Lingerie ones far too drying, even though I like a matte lip these were too much. I love applying the NYX Butter Gloss shades on top of matte lipsticks.

    Emmy | EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin

  4. Lovely colours! Bedtime flirt and adore look like the perfect nudes. Which was your favourite? How do you like matte lipsticks? I haven't tried any yet.


    1. I would say either bedtime flirt or adore! I absolutely love matte lipsticks and luckily I don't have an issue with them being too dry!

  5. Wow teddy looks amazing! I need more nude lip products in my life,