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June Favourites

Monday, 4 July 2016
My blog is one year old this month which is super crazy and I'm so grateful to everyone that clicks on my page! Anyway, today's post is my June favourites. It was a pretty uneventful month and guess what? I DIDN'T BUY ONE SINGLE BIT OF MAKE UP!!! Actually, the last time I bought make up was at the beginning of May, so practically two months ago... wtf!! I've pretty much only been buying vegan food, books and organic skincare products.

Make Up

Make up wise, there aren't too many favourites to talk about for this month. 

I unfortunately smashed my Make Up Revolution contour palette earlier in June, so I've been using the NYX Contour Kit instead.  It's actually very similar to the MUR one, I just hope I don't break this one! 

The Make Up Revolution Pressed Powder and the NYX HD Powder have been my favourite combination for setting my make up recently! I've noticed my make up lasts all day and doesn't look cakey like it sometimes used to. 

Another favourite from NYX is their concealer. It has the perfect amount of coverage without looking to OTT and doesn't crease 

Last but not least, I've been adding a couple of drops of Hocus Focus to my foundation and it makes my skin look almost flawless! It gives the skin a healthy, natural finish, rather than looking cakey or too thick. 

Beauty Products

The Dr. Organic Dead Sea Face Wash is honestly the best facial wash I've ever tried. It's not harsh at all, and my skin always feels so clean and fresh after using it. I'm so glad I discovered it! 

Another favourite is the Salt of the Earth Deodorant spray. It's a natural alternative to the usual drugstore deodorant that contains a load of nasties, and it actually works as well! 

The Aloe Vera toothpaste from Dr. Organic has been another favourite that I wish I'd discovered before. They do some amazing products!

Other Random Stuff

These four books have honestly changed my life and put a lot of stuff into perspective. I've still got a lot to figure out, but June saw the beginning of a new me.

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