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Cruelty-Free Bronzers

Friday, 19 August 2016

Everyone loves a good bronzer, especially if it's cruelty free! Today's post is all about my 4 favourite bronzers, including affordable options. 

Elf Golden Bronzer - £4.50 (vegan)

I absolutely love this bronzer. It includes 4 different shades, although I like to simply mix them together to create a beautiful sun kissed glow. It's also not too warm, so you don't have to necessarily worry about looking orange or muddy!

Medusa Sun Kissed Bronzer - £6.50 (vegan)

Don't be put off by the colour of this bronzer, I promise it doesn't look as orange when swatched or when on! A little goes a long way, so a simple sweep over the cheeks will give the skin a lovely summer glow. 

NARS Laguna - £28

Looking back, I can't believe I spent nearly £30 on one bronzer!!! Whilst it's a beautiful product and a favourite with a lot of bloggers, there are definitely more affordable options out there that do a similar job.

Too Faced Sweet Tea - £25 (vegan)

I personally prefer this to Laguna, purely because you can either use the two shades individually or mix them together. This bronzer gives the skin a beautiful, natural looking glow! 

Elf Golden Bronzer, Medusa Sun Kissed Bronzer, NARS Laguna and Too Faced Sweet Tea

Which one's your favourite? 

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