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De-clutter | Beauty Products

Friday, 5 August 2016

I've had a bag of beauty products that I don't use or dislike sitting in my room for a while now, so I thought it was time to officially get rid of them. I love a good de-clutter and actually really enjoy sorting through stuff that I don't want anymore! 

Most of the make up seen above is actually getting thrown out as it's years old and has either dried out or gone off. Likewise both the Garnier and Body Shop products are years old, plus they're not cruelty-free. The S&G body spray smells like disinfectant so that's got to go, and also the face wash started to irritate my skin so that's also going. The shimmer Body Shop lotion smells amazing but a) made me look like I had rolled around in glitter and b) made me come out in a rash, so unfortunately that's got to go as well! Also as you can see, the majority of the make up isn't cruelty free either.

Does anyone else love a good de-clutter?!

2 comments on "De-clutter | Beauty Products "
  1. I love a good de-clutter. I usually gift some items to my sisters if I don't like them after the first or second try.

    1. Yeah I gave so much make up away to my cousin and my ex's sister!