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My Fitness Journey | Week 1

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I'm kinda scared to actually post this, but I thought I would bite the bullet and start a blog series documenting my fitness journey. I also figured that this would be great for me to look back on. 

I've only been working out for a week and I'm not really noticing any drastic physical changes, but I feel a lot more positive, healthier and happier in general. 

A lot of people say how good exercising is for depression and anxiety, and as I've just come off my medication completely, I thought now would be a great time to test out this theory! So far so good.

I've been exercising for half an hour everyday during the week, and then at the weekend I go to work and have a break. I'm also doing yoga which of course is proven to help with depression and anxiety. I don't have the confidence or the money to go to the gym, so all this is happening within the comfort of my own home, which is totally fine. 

Obviously I'm already slim, so my main reason for working out is to improve my health and fitness, and build muscle/tone up.

2 comments on "My Fitness Journey | Week 1 "
  1. Keep up the great work, exercise massively helped me with depression and continues to help when I have bad anxiety, so I hope it helps for you :)

    Hannah x