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5 Products to Swap | Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Switching over to a zero waste lifestyle can be incredibly daunting, so today's post is all about the products you can easily swap that will put you on the right track to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle (without the scary thought of menstrual cups).

I also did a Zero Waste Starter Kit  post if you're interested in other environmentally friendly products on the market! 

I think the majority of my readers are female so it's safe to talk about periods (!!!). Anyway, a menstrual cup is of course the ultimate zero waste thing you can use for your period, but they can take some time to get used to. I'm still struggling with mine so I've found these organically made and biodegradable tampons. They're also not tested on animals (yes, some tampons such as Tampax are tested on animals). These tampons are no more expensive than the Tampax ones, so it's a super easy thing to switch over to.

I use cotton buds nearly every day to fix my make up, but unfortunately most cotton buds are made with a plastic stick. These are however made with cardboard and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. You get 200 cotton buds for £2.49 which may be slightly more expensive than say Superdrug, but it's worth it to reduce the amount of plastic thrown away.

This looks like an ordinary shaver, but actually it's made from recycled yoghurt cups and can then be recycled once you've finished with it. Most shavers just end up in landfill, so this is a great way to start limiting what gets thrown out. 

Ah the controversial shampoo bar. Some swear by it and some hate it. Either way, there's no denying that it's a lot more environmentally friendly than bottled shampoo. There's no plastic in the packaging and one bar will last a lot longer than a bottle of shampoo. I've recently switched over to a shampoo bar and my hair is definitely going through some changes, but I'm hoping it'll soon get used to it. 

Last but not least, switching over from shower gel to a bar of soap is not only going to reduce the amount of plastic you throw away, but it's also going to save you money. Choose a bar of soap that contains no plastic in it's packaging and you're good to go!! 

All of these products are available at LoveLula AND you can get 15% off the entire site with the code 'FRIDAY'. Win win!!

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1 comment on "5 Products to Swap | Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle "
  1. This post has inspired me even more to try moving towards zero waste :) It's just shocking what we use and throw away every day - it had never occurred to me that cotton buds were made of plastic, but of course. I try to use a bamboo face cloth to remove my makeup but still rely quite heavily on disposable face wipes and pads. Razors have been something I've struggled to find an eco alternative too, but this one sounds great!