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Jumping on the Minimalism Train

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Do you ever get the feeling that something is just not right in your life? Because same. For some time now I've been buying things to try and make me feel happy, and I do for a short period of time, but it's never long lasting. For example, I have a ridiculous amount of make up just sitting in my drawers not getting used because I got SO much of it in order to try and feel 'happy'. But in reality, it just didn't bring anything positive to my life. 

Now you've probably heard of this whole minimalism thing. So many bloggers are decluttering their homes and making a lifestyle change to something more simple, which I personally think is great. I actually tried to start living a more minimal lifestyle back in June of last year, and while I've definitely reduced the amount of crap I buy, I'm still holding onto a lot of stuff and feel it's time to make some bigger changes. Go big or go home right?! 

There are different definitions of minimalism out there, and whilst it's not all just about decluttering, for me that's a good start. We live in a society where we're sold this fake idea that buying a new phone or the latest eyeshadow palette will make us happy, but in reality, those feelings will always be temporary. Happiness has to come from within and not from materialistic things. My goal is to find happiness that doesn't rely on buying things or from someone else. So it's time to stop buying 'unnecessary stuff' and declutter all the 'unnecessary stuff' that's already in my life. 

I hope to document the journey on my blog and hopefully inspire others to make the change! 

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