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3 Face Masks Worth Trying

Sunday, 26 February 2017
This post kind of follows up from my previous post about my skincare routine, and lets be honest, who doesn't love a good face mask?! 

Botanicals Balancing Detox Mask

This is perhaps my all time favourite mask and I've nearly used it up!! Boo!! Anyway, it's the perfect mask for my combination skin. Unlike some masks, this doesn't dry my skin out or make it feel too tight. Instead my skin feels very clean, soft and bright. I also love that it's not too thick and the clay almost melts on the skin!

Madara SOS Hydra Mask

This mask is great if you have very dry skin or just need a bit of a pick me up. My skin feels so hydrated, soft and smooth after using this mask. If you're into luxurious products then I would definitely recommend it! 

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mud Mask

First of all, I would not recommend this mask if you have sensitive skin. It does make my skin 'sting' when first applied but after a couple of minutes that sensation stops. Apart from that I love this mask and feel it really cleans my skin properly. I also think it's a great dupe for The Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask. The only difference is that this one doesn't dry on the skin unlike the Body Shop alternative. 

1 comment on "3 Face Masks Worth Trying "
  1. I love a good face mask and love trying new ones so will defo be looking into these further to see what one i'd most likely purchase :)

    Gill McLaughlin