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5 Ways To Practice Self Care

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Self care/love is being talked about a lot on social media at the moment and it's great to see more people realising how important it is. Now I realise self care/love goes way beyond taking a bubble bath and reading a book, but I also believe in the little things making a big difference. I've recently discovered just how important self love and finding happiness from within is. I still have a long journey to go but at least now I'm a step in the right direction! 

1) Pamper evening - you've probably seen this a million times in these self love posts, but honestly a nice bath and pamper evening makes me feel so good! I also believe that using natural and organic products is a really important part of self care. What's the point of soaking in a bath and using products that could potentially harm you? I particularly love using the JOIK Relaxing bath salt with lavender essential oil in my bath, which is 100% natural and is so relaxing. 

2) Meditate - I try and meditate for around half an hour before I go to bed every day, although this can be tricky when I have a lot of uni work to do or I just want to go to bed. I particularly love guided meditations and they make me feel so calm and light (if that makes sense). There are so many great books out there that talk about different ways you can meditate and the health benefits of doing so. Sometimes it's nice just to switch off from my thoughts and just be still and breathe. 

3) Me time - I am a very sensitive person and find that sometimes I just need to switch off completely and be on my own. Step back from other peoples problems and negativity, and focus entirely on yourself, even if it's just for a couple of hours. Also turn off your phone, computer etc and just be free from the outside world for a bit. I like to turn on my diffuser, put in 4 drops of grapefruit and lavender essential oils and read my book or write in my journal for the evening.  

4) Stop comparing - I find myself doing this without even meaning to and it can be such a bad habit. I compare what other people my age are doing and have achieved and then panic that I'm doing something wrong! In reality I'm exactly where I need to be at the moment and that's okay. One tip to break out of this habit is to just write how you feel down and get it all out. Once it's all written down in front of you, let it go. It's now on paper so it doesn't have to clog up your mind and thought process. 

5) Connect with nature - this sounds super corny but for me I swear by it! I have a lot of plants in my room and they bring me so much happiness, as does going for a walk over the fields. Connecting with nature can be as simple as sitting in your garden and watching the birds or buying a bunch of flowers. You don't have to go on a 4 hour hike in the mountains to benefit from the wonders of nature. 

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