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Simplifying Your Make Up | Eyeshadows

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

I did a post way back in October about simplifying your beauty products, so I thought I'd do a whole series on simplifying other products and different parts of your life. I guess it kind of fits in with my minimalism journey, as well as transitioning over to natural and organic make up.

I have quite a large eyeshadow palette collection that is slowly shrinking as I declutter my make up collection. My end goal is to have a small collection of products that contain only natural and organic ingredients. 

Whilst sorting out my make up, I got together some of my favourite natural eyeshadows to share with you. These shadows featured in this post could create a whole variety of different looks, and would be a great collection to have for someone starting out with natural make up products. These shadows contain no parabens, mineral oils, talc and any other harsh ingredients, and they are also vegan friendly. I have done reviews on all of these products which I will link below, so if you want to know my first impressions of them, then you can check them out. 

I feel very strongly about simplifying the products that we put on our skin every single day, and it's so important to know the truth about what really goes into popular make up products. I feel that as a society we are sold this false idea that using certain items will make us look and feel better, but in reality they are most likely doing more harm than good. If I can help spread this message to even just a few people, then it's a good start!!

Avril Cosmetics Nude Eyeshadow Palette - review here

Living Nature's eyeshadows in the shades Pebble and Slate - blog post here 

PHB single eyeshadow in Forest - first impression here 

Avril Cosmetics single eyeshadows in the shade Marécage and Terre. 

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