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Ditch The Plastic | Soap Bars

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

This is the first post in my 'ditch the plastic' series and basically I'll be sharing plastic free alternatives to every day beauty products/items. 

To start this all off, I'll be talking about bars of soap that come in cardboard packaging. These are a great alternative to shower gels that come in plastic packaging, as well as soap bars that come in plastic wrapping. 

I stopped purchasing shower gels quite a while ago now and so I've gone through a lot of different soaps over the past year. They've all been natural and cruelty free, but the one brand that really stood out for me was PHB Ethical Beauty's soaps. The packaging is made from recyclable cardboard (so no plastic involved at all) and the soaps themselves are free from palm oil, perfumes, parabens and any other nasties. They're also vegan friendly and are of course cruelty free. 

With all of that aside, these soaps lather so well to the point that you wouldn't even know that they were any different from 'normal soap'. They also smell great without being overpowering and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

These are a great way to start your transition to plastic free products, whilst supporting an ethical and cruelty free brand. Win win!

You can buy these soaps from here


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1 comment on "Ditch The Plastic | Soap Bars "
  1. Such a lovely review! I use the grapefruit soap from this range and I really like it, I find it much less drying than regular soap bars :) xx