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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Before I jump into the actual post about what's in my bag, I thought I'd share a bit about the bag that I'm currently using from Rice Love Bags. I'm so happy to be part of their rep program (you can get 20% off with the code 'CHARWBEAUTY'). I know a lot of people get annoyed by bloggers going on about affiliate codes and all that, but this is such a good cause and I will definitely be spreading the word as much as possible. And no, I wasn't sent the bag for free or anything like that, and would still be promoting this company even if I didn't have an affiliate code. 

First of all, the actual design is very unique and quirky, and is handmade from used jute rice bags which would otherwise have gone into landfill. It cost $36 and shipping to the UK was around $20, and amazingly it arrived in 5 days and I had no custom charges. It's available to buy here

More importantly, purchasing a bag provides 1 kilo of rice to a family in India AND provides women with jobs, which is absolutely incredible. When I received my bag I was given a unique code that actually showed the family that purchasing my bag had helped (see below). I think it's wonderful that you can actually see the people that you're helping as the whole process becomes so much more personal. 

So, what's actually in my bag? 

First of all I have this make up bag/pouch from Urban Outfitters that I keep personal bits in and just random crap that I don't want loose in my bag. 

I then have my phone which is a Samsung S6 and the case is from Etsy. My keys have random key rings that I've collected from Virginia, Washington DC and Vancouver. I also have a reusable shopping bag because plastic bags are BAD. 

Next I have my purse which (obviously) came from Whistler, Canada. It's made from vegan materials and I just adore the design. Lastly I have some hand gel because I'm a germs freak and a packet of tissues. 

So overall pretty simple! I tend to avoid receipts when I can and like to carry around only the bare essentials.

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