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What's In My Shower

Sunday, 2 April 2017

 I LOVE reading these types of posts as I'm so nosy and am always intrigued about what products people use. All of the products I use in my shower are of course cruelty free and contain natural ingredients. 

This body wash smells great and the large bottle means it'll last a long time. I don't normally use or even buy shower gel and prefer bars of soap, but if you are looking for a shower gel then this one is brilliant. 

I use this morning and evening and will never go back to a 'normal' facial wash. I've linked the blog post about this facial wash if you're interested in making your own as well! 

This is technically a face balm but I've been using it as a full body balm after I shower. It works totally fine so why not! 

I've only used this a couple of times and so far it's not doing much for my skin, but I'll continue to use it of course. 

I use this once a week and love it! I feel it really cleans my face well and my skin feels and looks great afterwards. 

I've literally just used this up which is a shame but I would definitely repurchase it! I've actually made my own shampoo so I'll be trying that out and will put up a blog post if it's successful.

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