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Earth Conscious Deodorant | Review

Friday, 12 May 2017

I've been on the lookout for a natural deodorant that's also ethical and has packaging free from plastic for a while now. I stumbled upon Earth Conscious on Instagram and couldn't believe my luck. I just also want to point out that these weren't sent to me for free, I genuinely love this deodorant.

So the packaging is completely free from plastic and the tins can either be recycled or re-used. I also noticed that they don't use palm oil in their products and the ones I purchased are vegan friendly as well. 

Each deodorant is £5 each, and at the time I believe it was free delivery over £15 so I purchased 3 (2 lavender, 1 citrus). Now the deodorant itself is unlike anything I've ever used before. I'm used to the normal roll on deodorants, so it took some time to get used to the whole balm idea. To put this on, you basically swirl your finger around in the deodorant and then rub it under your arm. So pretty straight forward!

I've personally found natural deodorants to be a bit hit and miss. But this one actually works and lasts all day! It doesn't stop you sweating (which is actually bad for you), it instead eliminates any odour, so you don't smell basically. 

I'm so impressed with this product and have been using it for a month now and can't imagine ever going back to a roll on deodorant! 

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