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Organii Cream Soap | Review

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

I love trying new organic bars of soap out, which probably sounds crazy to a lot of people. They are a great plastic free alternative to shower gel and liquid soap, plus they last longer and are normally cheaper as well. 

I usually stick with the PHB Ethical Beauty bars of soap and have actually done a blog post on them, which you can read here

So I was browsing LoveLula one day and stumbled upon the Organii bars of soaps. They are made from certified organic ingredients so I decided to go for it and try one of them out. I of course went for lavender! 

My first thought was that this bar of soap is pretty cheap for an organic and natural product. It's only £2.65 for 100g which is pretty cheap! I get the feeling that these products are aimed at families, so if you have young children then this would be great. It's free from the usual SLS and parabens and is vegan friendly which is a massive bonus. One thing I did notice is that it contains palm oil, which I usually try and avoid. It does say that it's made from sustainable sources so I guess you have to trust these companies! 

The soap itself lathers really well and smells lovely of lavender. It hasn't irritated my skin and I get the feeling that it will last for a while!

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