Avocado Oil | Review

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Today's post is all about this organic Avocado Oil. I personally love avocados, so I was really intrigued to use it as a beauty product. I actually took this picture way back in May, so I've had quite a few months of using this product. 

You get 50ml for £11.50 which I personally think is pretty good value. It contains one ingredient (avocado oil) and the bottle is made from glass, which is great if you're trying to reduce your plastic waste. 

The oil itself kind of smells like olive oil, but looks darker. It soaks into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave a horrible oily feel for hours after. I personally use it on the tops of my legs as the skin there is very dry.  I have keratosis pilaris on my legs as well, and I've definitely noticed an improvement with this. 

Overall this is a great oil to use if you have dry/very dry skin.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing about the avacodo oil.I wonder Avacado itself holds so many benefit then how powerful its oil would be.Gonna give it a try for sure.