LoveLula September 2017 Beauty Box

Monday, 18 September 2017

My LoveLula beauty box arrived the other day which is always super exciting! This months box is worth £50 and contains a gift set, 2 full sized products, 1 travel sized product and a sample set. It costs £13.95 a month and you can sign up here

Walden Natural Perfume Gift Set 5 x 5ml - £30

First of all I just wanted to comment on how much I LOVE the packaging. It's so minimal and clean looking, which is something I personally find very aesthetically pleasing. These perfumes are a great natural alternative, and whilst they may take some getting used to, it's definitely worth reducing the amount of chemicals that you spray on your skin. The only thing is that these do not come with a spray, so the only option is to dab a little bit on the wrists and hope that the whole bottle doesn't come out in the process. 

Esse Gel Cleanser 10ml 

This facial wash claims to deep cleanse without drying the skin out, and also contains peppermint and spearmint oils which are two of my favourites. I've only just started to clear my skin up, so I'm slightly concerned about trying this out, although it does say it's suitable for acne prone skin. 

Balm Balm Beauty Balm - £16.50

This balm can be used as a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser, and is suitable for all skin types. It smells amazing and is 100% organic. I'll probably use this as a make up remover and see how I get on with it. 

Kimberly Sayer Sample Set 

This is a great way to try out products before you commit to buying them. They're also great for travelling with!

Joik Bath Truffle 

I've never used anything like this before so I'm really excited to try it out. It contains very few ingredients and smells delicious!

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2 comments on "LoveLula September 2017 Beauty Box"
  1. No doubt they have the best packaging and the summer beauty products they have are super amazing, I will order this too. Thanks for the review.

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