Trying Out Natural Products

Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Today's post is all about five natural beauty products that I've been trying out over the past month. They're kind of random, and range from dental, to bath oil to lip balm. They're all made from natural and organic ingredients, and can be found at LoveLula

First of all we have this organic and natural mouthwash. It's suitable for vegans and is free from artificial preservatives. It's more expensive than say a mouthwash that you'd get on offer from Tesco, but it is organic and contains no nasty ingredients. You get what you pay for basically. I did like this, but for me I couldn't get on with the flavour. I normally like a minty mouthwash, and the whole aloe eucalyptus combination just didn't do it for me. It did make my teeth feel very clean though and wasn't harsh at all! 

Another dental product is this fluoride free, organic and vegan friendly toothpaste. Again it's more expensive than 'normal' toothpaste, but I personally think it's worth spending extra on natural products, especially when they're going in your mouth. I loved the peppermint flavour of this and my teeth feel so clean and fresh after using it. It will take some getting used to if you're switching over from Colgate for example, as the consistency, colour and flavour are quite different. It is worth changing over to and investing in a natural dental routine!

This is definitely a luxury item (in my opinion) and is perfect for pamper/self care evenings. The bottle is super cute and can be re-used for something (yay for no plastic), and is of course vegan friendly. It's also free from the usual SLS and other chemicals. The scent is quite strong so you definitely don't need to put much in the bath and this bottle will last you a long time. I also love combining it with bath salts for full relaxation. 

I LOVE everything about this product. It's completely plastic free, vegan friendly and only contains natural oils. It's also keeping my dry lips hydrated and soft, which is something I struggle with as the seasons change. I believe it's definitely worth investing in natural lip products.

These both smell incredible and I love the idea of them. I can't really be certain that these helped me to fall asleep/wake up, but they would make a lovely gift and of course they're lovely to smell. They're vegan friendly and contain 100% natural oils. 

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1 comment on "Trying Out Natural Products "
  1. The coconut lip butter sounds amazing! I can't believe Organii has brought out a mouthwash, I love them as a brand so I think I am definitely going to give them a go :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal